LP coming to life

Little Paul the Farting Elephant paper-mache sculpture. Progress; Little Paul is ready for his paper-mache skin. I changed a few things; made his ears smaller because they didn't look right, so I copied the size and shape of the original ears and like them a lot better now. Also gave them a bit more body by adding a rim. Changed his tusks too. I started with cardboard curls but they weren't strong enough so I attached metal wire inside his trunk and gave them a cuff so they don't just seem to comeout of his cheeks, wrapped masking tape around and will curl them when the paper-mache is on. Finally gave the end of his trunk an edge but I'm not sure if that will stay that way. The bird has bulging eyes like LP too now. On to adding the skin! Stay tuned!

Little Paul the Farting Elephant paper-mache sculpture. Progress; Friends for life Little Paul and Saffy after their first coat of newspaper strips. They have been drying on a radiator for one day so are sry and ready for the second coat of paper-mache. I think four to five coats will be sufficient to give it enough rigidity and hardness. I like the rough surface the newspaper creates, resembles the skin of an elephant but I'll smooth it out in areas where needed with paper pulp. It's going very well, love working on them!


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