A colorful end to 2017!

On the last day of the year I added the last detail on the last part of Little Paul the Farting Elephant and his Muscovy duck friend Saffy.
As we all know Little Paul is a king and has a talent that make the subjects of his kingdom sad and happy at the same time; badly smelling but beautifully colored farts escape him from time to time which turn the grey and miserable Middle Ages into a beautifully colored world. I thought hard and long about how to visualize the farts without making it embarrassing for LP or too obvious. In the end I decided to only show the stains the fumes leave on the backside of his tail. 
Funny how the end of Little Paul symbolizes my year at Foppe's Acre Originals, it's been the most creative and most colorful year so far with new initiatives that resulted in sweet pieces and lots of commissions I loved working on.
A big thank you!

Little Paul is ready to find his way to his forever home and a warm and lovingly welcome awaits him and Saffy.
I will show photos of the finished piece once he's home so please be patient for a little while longer.
The new year will start with a new project which I'm looking forward too with much excitement. Moor about that soon!
All of us at Foppe's Acre wish you a wonderful and safe New year's Eve and a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2018!

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