Studio visit

Another quick peek into the studio.
I love what I do, no matter if it's large paintings, sculptures, lino prints or miniature portraits, they all make my heart sing!

New kitty cat

Working on a new commission today! A 4x4 inch cartoony cat portrait in acryllics on canvas! 

Timmy finished

There were other projects on my list today but I wanted to do a few things to Timmy's portrait and got so carried away that I finished it!
I'm really happy with this little painting, apart from the resemblance I think I got the hang of painting in the true impressionistic sense; with light and color. Before I would never have dared to use blue, purple and red in white fur but it brings it much more to life. I also like the suggestion of grass, dabs of color in quick and direct moves.
Still need to varnish him and find a simple wooden frame.

Second phase

Current state of Timmy's portrait. Haven't done really much to it since the last update; worked on the grass and water a little and started shading his fur. Needs lots doing to it still but he's slowly starting to appear.

All ducks...

Sold my last 'All ducks are equal' lino today so needed to print a new edition. It's been a while so in a way it's like meeting an old friend.
Got a commission for a new 4x4 inch miniature too, a stylized little portrait of a furry friend so my Timmy portrait will have to wait a while.

Second try

Some of you may remember that I started this portrait of Timmy before, same time last year to be exact, but on a much larger scale and oblong sized canvas. It didn't work out, the photo looked wonderful but in paint it didn't come out right. Part was the composition but also the detail in his fur caused me grief. Still it's a sweet image of our white/ginger boy so I'll give it another try on a small 20x20cm canvas. I want to keep the same direct and impressionistic approach like in the past few paintings so it's a challenge to not overwork it. Stay tuned!


Finished my (first) horse painting today and I love her!
She's more impressionistic than Merel's portrait which is understandable as I wanted to create a much more lifelike resemblance in Merel's portrait and painted very carefully and controlled.
The style of painting of this beauty is spontaneous and direct which suits the setting of the horse with her manes in a breeze perfectly.
Planning to do a few more now I'm in the mood, maybe some smaller, maybe even larger!


In loving memory

Finished Merel's portrait today, wow, it's like she's back!
I am so happy with this painting. When I added the last highlights in her eyes and painted her whiskers she came to life.
Merel, I miss you.

Coming to life

Worked some more on Merel's portrait, far from finished but getting there, I think.
I already like her somewhat stern expression which was her random look. Haven't payed much attention to the rest of her body yet just added some highlights and shadows.
Will let it rest for a few days now to look at it fresh after the weekend.

Studio visit

Had a wonderful day working on my new paintings today! It was raining which makes my studio feel cozy, put some up beat music on and painted the day away. Loved it!
First day working on Merel and I think I came far in just one day, already love her expression and color balance. Far from finished but I'm not in a hurry. Worked on the horse too, started detailing which is always tricky not to get muddy and lose spontaneity but I'll be careful. Put some of the other painting up for style reference. Tomorrow is another day! 

Tribute to Merel

I can't have just one painting on my easel at the same time and while working on the horse (which I have to put away for a while every now and then) I decided now is the time to pay tribute to my Merel who passed away last December and whom I still miss every day.
First layers to establish composition and feel but already I see her. Working after an iconic photo of Merel on her high chair where she felt safe and could oversee the livingroom and watch the world trough the window. Every morning while I brushed my teeth Merel would jump on the back seat of this chair for hugs and cuddles, that's how we said goodmorning and started our day.
I'll show photos of the progress, should be a special one. 

Taking a short break from the cats

Wanted to do something on a flat surface again and discovered that from all farm animals I never painted a horse. First explorations of the anatomy and feel of a beauty I once took photos of. I'll keep you posted about the progress!

In loving memory of Ozzy

Yesterday my client received my version of her handsome and sweet tabby boy Ozzy which I made by request one month ago.
She is touched and loves this 3D life size portrait of her special boy.

Eventhough Ozzy was getting older no one could know that he would leave while my portrait of him was in transit; Ozzy unexpectedly passed away of a sudden illness one week ago.
It makes this commission even more special for me.

For personalized cat portraits visit my shop.

Up, up and away!

3 Minis done and ready to start a new life in California!

3x mini

Hadn't sold any of my miniatures in a while but today three of them have found a new home!
It's always extra special to work on my minis again, like seeing old friends.
Looking forward to be painting this trio so they can travel to California later this week.

Le Cat-tro Stagioni

Now there is a green cat for every season!
I created the Spring green cat today, may I introduce: Blossom!
I'll prepare a listing for his adoption tomorrow.

A green cat for every season!

While I'm still working on the new 3D portrait of Ozzy; the handsome brown tabby, I got an order for the green Winter cat Noël. It's more economic to cast multiple copies so I decided to create a Spring version too. I've got a green cat for every season except for Spring. So here we go! 

First 3D kitty commission!

Started working on the first new commissioned 3D kitty portrait today! A handsome and sweet ear tipped gentleman from Florida!