Using the new mold

Outer shell finshed too! First time for me working with plaster cloth, using it wasn't difficult but it took forever to dry! Not sure why it took so long, it[s just plaster and fabric which should have set within the hour, this took one whole day.
I've build it up in three layers, not too thick but sturdy enough for this use.
Now on to making the first cast! 

I placed the outer plaster cloth shell on a bed of rice to stabilize the mold when pouring the Duracast (stoneware plaster).

I sat the silicone mold inside the outer shell, ready for casting.

I poured the liquid Duracast inside the mold, adding the hanging hook at the same time.

Three identical copies of the original sculpture (first one). The silicone mold is sharp and every detail is visible. I'm impressed this brush-on technique gives the same results as making a solid mold. Next: letting the Duracast cure for a day or two and then finally painting!   


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