Time for something new!

Instead of making a solid silicone mold I'm going to brush it on this time, creating a flexible skin. I think a solid mold would work too but the ears are sculpted slightly inward which could cause a problem releasing it from a solid mold.
I'll brush it on in three layers creating a thick skin which I will reinforce with plaster cloth once dry.
It's an experiment but should work. Besides releasing the cast easier it also saves a lot of silicone. Wish me luck! 

I've added the first layer with a brush, pushing the silicone in every nook and cranny.

After the first layer cured untill sticky I added a second layer. I've applied two thick layers of silicone and I think/hope I can get away with it before I add the protection plater cloth. I'll leave it to set overnight. Stay tuned!

Yay! Success!
Brushing the silicone onto the cat sculpture to create a mold worked purrfectly! Today I'm going to reinforce the mold (which is too flexible to use this way) with plaster cloth, making a rigid cast around the silicone mold.
I really like this technique, going to use it a lot more. It's much more messy than pouring but doesn't take lots of silicone making the mold smaller to store.


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