How it all began

 We moved to Friesland in May 2001 and when we arrived at our new little farm we found a sweet tuxedo cat already living there, he was a stray cat that got along with our then two cats Ratje and Merel. We decided to adopt him and named him Foppe, a typical Friesian name, and so Foppe's Acre was born.

The first year we settled in and made it our home, the second year we adopted more animals and in the summer of 2003 we asked my brother and family to look after our menagerie while we went on holiday.
As a present for my brother I painted this dish in Oklahoma City, USA. It was in a little shop that offered customers to paint blanc pottery they had on sale, have it fired and collect it the next day.
I remember sitting at the kitchen table at my parents-in-law sketching this scene of all our animals, the next day we went to the shop and I retraced it onto the dish. It took a couple of hours to paint but it was fun though. The scene shows our cats; Ratje, Merel, Foppe, Trijntje, Puck and Iris, our sheep Eddy and Patsy, our geese Hans and Grietje, Rudie and Felix and our Muscovies; Saartje, Snuggles, Socks, Slimmetje, Saffy and Sophie, and our house.
My brother and sister-in-law loved it and still treasure it today.

Later I drew a new version and have used it ever since for all kinds of promotional things. Over the years many of the original crew has moved to Foppe's Acre in heaven and some new residents appeared but this illustration will always have a special place in my heart and it's where Foppe's Acre Originals began.

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