Continuing with Puck (the Tuxedo)

An annoying thing happened yesterday, I varnished Jelle and Timmy with the varnish I always use, Talens/Amsterdam Acryllic Varnish Matt, though a new unopened bottle. It turned out extremely glossy, spoiling the overall look of the sculptures. I sometimes use glossy for the eyes alone but this time what should have been a matte finish was terribly glossy. I was bummed. I searched the internet and found good tips, instead of dulling it down with a brillo pad I repainted them with Windsor and Newton Acrilly varnish Matt which worked perfectly! Phew!
I wonder what's going on with my regular varnish, they either changed the recepy or misslabeled the glossy bottle? Quite frustrating, though for some sculptures a more glossy finish is acceptable, these portraits really don't need all that extra sheen.

Update I've been in contact with the manufacturer of the varnish and it appeared the shop sold me a different kind of the varnish saying there wasn't a difference between the two brands (Amsterdam and Talens, same manufacturer). They will send me a new bottle of Amsterdam Acryllic Varnish Matt for free and requested I'd return the used bottle of Talens Acryllic Varnish Matt. So it's now clear what the problem was. I'm thankful and relieved. Thanks Royal Talens!

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