Two weeks ago our beloved Merel passed away after 16,5 wonderful and happy years with us. Merel was an important part of our feline family and we miss her terribly. To honor her I'm going to make a memories box for her. Because Merel and our old friend Ratje were best friends and because I never made a memories box for Ratje I'm going to create one for both of them. Seems appropriate. I'm going to use a photo I treasured for many years of them sitting side by side. These are the first wire armatures on which I will sculpt them with air dry clay. This will tug on my heartstrings while sculpting but it will help me come to terms with her farewell and I'll pour all my love and memories of her and Ratje into these little sculptures.

Ratje was Merel's hero, they were inseparable. This photo of them peeking through the catdoor will be the inspiration for Merel and Ratje's memories box.


Merel passed away on December 1, 2016. She was Foppe's partner, Trijntje, Puck and Iris' mother, Ratje was her all time hero and she was my baby for many happy years.

Ratje my first orange buddy passed away on September 4, 2004 after 17 wonderful years with us.

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