Merel and Ratje's Memories Box, figurines finished.

All done, varnished and ready to go on the lid of the box. I'm very happy with them, the surface of the figurines is a bit more rough than my earlier sculptures and the painting more impressionistic but it fits them. On the base I added some of their favorite toys so the scene is set, and complete. Next step is finding a suitable box and paint it accordingly. Stay tuned!

There you are!

I started painting today, first layers. It's amazing, wonderful and scary in a sense too because with every dab of paint Merel and Ratje slowly appear again. This is one of those occasions I am grateful for my talent. More later, stay tuned.

Next phase; painting

I've finished sculpting, added a base for them to sit on and ta place for some of their toys to live on. After the base was dry I removed the cats so I can paint them all around. I'll glue them back on once all the painting is done. I kept the surface of the kitties a bit rough, sanded the sharp edges but wanted to keep the material visible in the final pieces. On to painting!


Current phase in the making of the Merel and Ratje figurines. Small steps, I can't work on them every day which is good because it gives me a fresh look every time. I'm still in doubt as to make them smooth like my other sculptures or keep them a bit rough. Cats have slick coats but I like to keep the material (clay) visible. We'll see as we go. Busy detailing but still keeping the overal shape and anatomy in view.

'Getting to know you.'

I'm quite satisfied now with the postures overall and am starting to make these kitties into Ratje and Merel. It's funny, just the smallest piece of clay, a bump here and a dent there can make the difference between any cat or Ratje and Merel.


The first careful steps

Progress in the Merel and Ratje figurines.
This is actually the second round of modeling, I forgot to take photos of the first stage (modeling clay onto the wire frame). Here I am simply getting to know the cats and try to sculpt them into the preferred positions. I think they will become fairly realistic but combined with my whimsical style. Still don't see Merel and Ratje in these basic shapes but that will come.


Two weeks ago our beloved Merel passed away after 16,5 wonderful and happy years with us. Merel was an important part of our feline family and we miss her terribly. To honor her I'm going to make a memories box for her. Because Merel and our old friend Ratje were best friends and because I never made a memories box for Ratje I'm going to create one for both of them. Seems appropriate. I'm going to use a photo I treasured for many years of them sitting side by side. These are the first wire armatures on which I will sculpt them with air dry clay. This will tug on my heartstrings while sculpting but it will help me come to terms with her farewell and I'll pour all my love and memories of her and Ratje into these little sculptures.

Ratje was Merel's hero, they were inseparable. This photo of them peeking through the catdoor will be the inspiration for Merel and Ratje's memories box.


Merel passed away on December 1, 2016. She was Foppe's partner, Trijntje, Puck and Iris' mother, Ratje was her all time hero and she was my baby for many happy years.

Ratje my first orange buddy passed away on September 4, 2004 after 17 wonderful years with us.

Custom Babushcats

Finally a photo of the commissioned Babushcats now they have arrived at their new home.
Aren't they sweet?
From large to small; Charles, Louis, Joey, Minnie and Marcel.

Back to work!

Today on the table; a new cast of the Timmy and Tommy box as the previous one sold yesterday! Two Holly Kings will try to add some holiday cheer this season and four more sleeping kitties as three grey babies found a new home this weekend. Looks like Boxing Day was invented for Foppe's Acre Originals!