Crystal King

It's no secret that I love sculpting, pottery ánd folkart, sometimes I wished I hadn't gone to art school because they taught me to use my head more than my heart (I tried to make up for it though ;-) ). Still I enjoy watching artists create art straight from the heart. There's a honesty and love in their craft which I truly admire.
I hope you enjoy this too!


Fly away home

The Fall migration is in full swing at the moment so I thought I'd honor our avian friends who have to travel so many miles to their winter grounds by adding this set of three sweet flying goose boxes to my collection in my shop.
So why not give these cute tiny geese a destination to land in a new forever home?
New item, set of three, catch them before they fly away!


Sweet slumber

I don’t know what it is but there’s something very peaceful about sleeping animals, maybe it’s because they can’t cause havoc with their eyes closed and snuggled so warmly together. 
One thing is for sure though, these two won’t keep you up at night.
New Timmy and Tommy treats/treasury box soon available for adoption in Foppe's shop.


New shop front

Some of you already noticed the new Facebook banner, it was time for something new and improved!
I also re-designed the look of my shop, added the new banner and took new photos of (almost) all items on the same grey boards background. I loved the old look with photos of my pieces in the outside air but the surroundings were too noisy with not enough attention for the items. It's much more calm now and clearer. I love it!

Something new!

New shop and Facebook banner, pre announcement of something new in the new year!


Sweet sleepers

Awe, aren't they sweet? The first four sleeping kitty boxes are finished and listed in my shop.
I kept them fairly basic and minimal in color/decoration which should be easy and quick but for someone who mostly uses lots of color and detail it took a lot of thinking and trying.
I'm extremely happy with them!


This is also a very fun part of the process in creating a final piece! This kitty won't be as detailed like some of my other sculptures but will receive a beautiful 'all over' patina. Base is grey on which I will build up on in color. More later! 

Timmy and Tommy

First beginnings of a new Timmy and Tommy box. 

Sleeping kitty

I started sculpting this sleeping kitty two years ago but never finished it, somehow the green men came in between.
This week I found him again and decided to finish him. When I sculpted him I had our own dear Foppe in mind so it's a nice tribute to him aswell.

Last filling and sanding before making the mold.

Boxing Day

I sold one of my Puck boxes yesterday which made me realize how much I missed making these little gems. So I decided to take a break from Matryoshkas and breath new life in some older boxes I had never finished. 

Barnyard Buddies

Yay, they're already up and running! (better catch them before they run away!
The Farm yard family is now listed in my shop and anxiously awaiting their new and forever home. Awe... I'll miss them.


Little piggy from my new FARMatryoshkas. This is not exactly what I had invisioned for these dolls but the more I look at her the more I like her. Funny how that goes. 
 And the smallest member of our new Farm yard Matryoshkas, the little mouse (or shrew).

Farm Matryoshkas, what else?

We live on a little farm afterall! Cow, sheep, pig, chicken and a little mouse. After these are finished I'll make the farmer, his wife and their three children. Stay tuned!

Custom Babushcats

Oooh, new custom kitties on the table!
I think these Babushcats will become really famous!