A band of angels!

They come in a set of three, red, purple, green and I love the touch of yellow!

Angel candle card style 2016

I think she's much cuter than her older sister. Available in my shop.

Evolution of an angel

Top left is the original version, bottom right is the new angel and all the stages in between (clockwise). I thought I had finished yesterday (top middle) but in hindsight didn't like how she was holding the candle, so I tried to make it more clear using lines. Still not good, more sketching was needed. New lino. Finally went back to the original way of her holding the candle (bottom left). Made some changes in her face too and she's ready for print!

Guardian Angel

Even though my angel card has been a best seller for many years, especially the candle window version (blue one in this photo) I decided it was time for a new version. So I've been designing and cutting today. I think I'm on my way. Also started designing a winter village that will also be printed on transparent paper so you can light a candle behind it.


The three Noëls

I always keep the original from pieces I'm planning to reproduce so I have a perfect example to work from when I have to replicate something. Today I worked on two Noëls, one of them is ready to ship tomorrow and start a new life.

Cute as a button!

First series of 2017 Christmas cards are printed, I love love love them! 
Available in my shop on Etsy!

Starry starry night

I think Vincent must have been a lino cutter too! ;-)


Christmas cards 2017

Oooh, started working on this year's Christmas cards! 

The Famous Foppe's Acre Babushcats!

Finished my new Daytime and Nighttime Babushcats today (only need a coat of varnish) and I'm very happy with my four new litters of kitties! Had great fun painting these! 


One day's work, painting the base color of 16 kitties (actually make that 32 because they needed two layers of paint). On with decorating *the fun part! 

Babushka Planet

More new kitties in the making; Day Time and Night Time Babushcats! Funny, at first my inclination was to give them open eyes on the day time dolls and closed eyes on the night dolls but cats are nocturnal so they need to be awake after dark! These will be painted in the course of next week. Stay tuned!

Night and Day, you are the one...

Also on the table today are new Day- and Night time kitties! Variations on the Famous Babushcats.

Cute, cuter, cutest

Oh, just one more picture because I'm having so much fun with my new winter friends! (almost done!) 

New edition

I made a few changes after the first prototypes and painted them in more traditional snowman colors. Still in doubt if they need the black outlines but I'll see after I'm done decorating them. I'm liking them so far, a lot! 

On the table today; an army of snowmen!

Official portraits!

Had to take new photos for the Etsy listings and like previous years I wanted to portray my winter Matryoshkas in a snowy landscape, but it's October, the leaves are still on the trees, the grass is still green and no ice and snow for months at Foppe's Acre.
But I didn't let that stand in my way and created a cold scene with a few things I found in the kitchen.

Winter friends 2016, finshed!

And there's an army of Moor friends waiting to be painted in the background!

The making of the Winterfriends 2016!

I bought these special shape Matryoshkas last year but never really knew what to do with them. It was mainly the large doll that confused me with his knitted hat where his face should be. I finally decided to give it a go and removed the ball that made the pom-pom and change the way this doll was devided.
I wanted to make snowmen of them and gave the large doll a bottle cap for a hat but it made him into a bell boy which I didn't like.
Finally I remembered I had some different sizes of wooden rake handles in the barn and made a top hat out of them! I really like my new friends now and can't wait to finish them!


They still need a coat of varnish for protection but in all these two Matryoshka Nativity sets are finished. I'll paint a few sets more soon, but it's still a long way away from Christmas.
In the background you can just see the new winter families I'm working on. Stay tuned!

Getting to know you

The shape and texture of these new Matryoshkas are slightly different from my original ones but I'm getting to like them! I might even prefer them as they are also slightly bigger. 

Old friends

Starting a new Matryoshka Nativity (well, two actually) It's always nice to be painting these kids again after a long time, just like seeing old friends again.

New supply!

Wow! The problem with working on ready made objects is that they sometimes go out of stock at the supplier and you can't find them anywhere anymore. I've had that happen twice with my Matryoshkas and had to tweak my designs to a new shape. Last week I found a supplier in China (of all places) who offers them at a reasonable price so I ordered 15 to try. They arrived today, after one week! The quality is perfect and I like the shape very much, even though they are slightly wider than my originals (Nativity and Babushcats) but it gives me more space for detailing.
I think I'll order a second load in case this supplier goes out of stock eventually too.