Signed, sealed and delivered

Emma's cremation urn, Emma's portrait painted in acryllic in an impressionistic style inside the heartshaped cartouche and E.E.Cummings' poem 'I carry your heart' all around the urn.


Finished felines

Richard's three sets of 'The Famous Babushcats' are finished and gathered all together like one happy feline family for a photoshoot before they will go on their way to their new and forever homes.

Near completion!

Only thing lacking on Richard's Babushcats, which will bring them to life, are the outlines. I really like the color combinations on these sets. Observant viewers may recognize four of our own felines (Foppe, Merel, Jelle and Timmy) as Richard requested one set of Foppe's Acre Babushcats (talk about famous! 
I'll hopefully finish them tomorrow.

Come together

Slowly but surely the three Babushcats families appear. Black ones, white ones, grey tabbies, orange tabbies and calicos. Such diversity! I'm enjoying myself! Next step is detail and decoration.