It's all about the base, 'bout the base, no trouble.

Depending on the colors and markings of the kitties who will adorn these wooden dolls I chose the colors for the base, Gradients of yellow, blue and red. Next: painting the famous Babushcats!

New project!

Finished Emma's urn this weekend right in time because today I received an order for three sets of the Famous Babushcats! Can't wait to start!


Starting the portrait

First careful layers to establish shades and contrasts. It will become more detailed and sharper but with clearly visible brush strokes. I always find it thrilling to see a flat drawing become more dimensional. When the portrait is done I'll finish the lettering, final coat of varnish and ready to be send. I'll show the finished piece after it's in my client's hands.


Finishing Emma's urn

Another update before I finish Emma's urn.
Next I'll paint Emma's portrait in a realistic-impressionistic way and finish by painting the Cummings poem and Emma's (nick)name on the lid. I planned to paint her name inside the heartshaped cartouche but there's already a lot of text on the urn itself so I'll add the dates and name on the lid like I originally do. I really like it so far, it's always a lot of prep work before the actual painting but I love the many layers; just like life itself which isn't one dimensional either.

Next phase

The background is all done now and ready to receive the decor (Emma's portrait and Cummings poem). I added several white washes to tone the brightness of the bands down and keep just enough color.

Progress in Emma's urn

After selecting the perfect photo for this memorial I designed the layout on the computer, spaced out the Cummings poem to fit around the heart shaped cartouche. Devided the urn in equal wide bands to be painted in the preferred colors (yellow, turqoise, red and blue).
Painted the outside in the preferred colors (turqoise, yellow, red and blue) before adding transparent clouds of white paint to tone down the colors.

Emma's urn

It's been a wee bit silent on these pages recently but summers are always busy on our little farm and I've had some large illustration projects to work on lately, but there's news!

I've been asked by a good friend to create an urn for her sweet dog whom she's in the process of saying farewell to. We've known each other for many years and she really wanted me to create a precious memorial for her dear companion. I'm honored and will do my very best to make it as beautiful as I can.
I'll post a photo once it's finished and sent.