Our neighbors and friends moved away from our road past November, they are people just like us; with a heart for animals, we were sad to see them leave.
A few months earlier their much loved dachshund Krummel passed away and couldn't make the move to their new place.
As a house warming gift I painted this portrait of their sweet doxie because I thought Krummel had to have a place in their new home too.
Needless to say they were overwhelmed with tears when they saw the painting which to me is the most beautiful compliment I could ever receive. It was a privilege and a pleasure to paint my little lost friend.


Another step closer

Progress in Timmy's portrait, slowly but surely we're getting there.
I'm reasonably satisfied with his face so far but I'm struggling with his body. There is not much detail in his fur on the photo and I don't want to go too realistic, want to keep it impressionistic, so it's finding the balance. I'll get there, no doubt. I've considered painting poppies in the grass to add a punch of color but haven't really decided yet, maybe the painting doesn't need it and it will distract from Timmy.
It's an adventure for sure and I'm enjoing the ride! 


Step by step, stroke by stroke

Worked for an hour on Timmy's portrait today, didn't have much time after doing illustrations but wanted to add a few brush strokes.
It's wonderful to have a painting in progress on the easel to work on from time to time and painting on this large size is a nice diversion from drawing on A4.
Worked on the grass and Timmy's face and messed up the fur on his body but that will all be alright in the end. Layer upon layer as we go.

Moor of Timmy

First base colors for Timmy's portrait.
I love this stage; transforming the line drawing into a more three dimemsional image. Playing with light and dark, contrasts, color balance, it's an adventure every time. It's almost like sculpting with paint.
While I was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh in Jelle's painting I think I can see some Claude Monet happening in the grass and water in this one.
Moor soon, stay tuned!

Timmy's turn!

I'll be quite busy with illustration projects these coming weeks but I wanted to start a new painting, since I'm so in the mood these days!
This will be a portrait of our Timmy, a very sweet and independent individual who loves to cuddle but enjoys his freedom too. I shot this photo last year, I think he looks really handsome and I love the green and lush background.
The composition might change a little still but I can't wait to get my paints out!


The one and only

Foppe's portrait finished!
At first glance not much has changed since my last post and that is correct. I've lived with it for a few days, looked at it carefully and even though I thought this was just a phase in the process I liked it as it was. I created a bit more depth in areas, a bit more detailing, more contrast in the background and lastly added his whiskers. It's him, our Foppe.
I'll frame him and he will get a prominent place in our home, his home.


Last night I dreamed I found Foppe again, he'd been missing for almost two years. I was walking past a park and there I saw him, sitting under a bush. He looked well fed but his fur was matted and sticky. He seemed lost, with a sad, dull look on his face. When he saw me he came running and jumped into my arms. It felt so good to hold him again, like we both came home. 
Then I woke up.

I decided right that morning to start painting his portrait, at last, it was long overdue.
Here's a sneak peek of the progress, I'll hopefully finish it this weekend.


Jelle's painting isn't finished yet, I want to put it aside for a couple of days, but I'm so enjoying working on a large canvas that I've already prepared a few new ones!

Jelle on the white stool - progress

Been working on Jelle's painting again today and I think I like where I'm heading. I have to be careful not to over-paint it, want to keep the spontaneity and fresh brush strokes as best as I can. As much as I feared working in this size in the beginning, the moor I love it now! Stay tuned for the next update!

A challenge for sure!

'Jelle on the white stool'
Blocking in color. Painted with watery acryllic but I've already noticed that I need to mix the paint with gel medium to keep it from drying too fast and make the paint thicker. Will try to keep it as spontaneous and lively as I can.

Here we go

I find this large size is a bit intimidating but now I've made a start I can't wait to continue!
I'll show photos of the progress over the next few weeks. 

Miniature man goes XXL!

My studio isn't set up for this size, neither am I, but I'm going to try it. Hardly ever worked this large but there's a time for firsts.
*The white squares are the size I normally work on.

'Jelle on the white stool' (previous post) will be the subject, so he will be portrayed about life size. Eeek!

Jelle on the white stool

First sketch of our Prince of Orange, Jelle. New work, haven't decided yet what it will become (but I'm thinking painting on canvas).

Nessun grado di separazione

Jelle wins the Foppe's Acre Karaoke Songcontest 2016. 

Jelle and the Crow

Rediscovering a technique I used to use a lot in the old days; mixed media (color pencil and ink over acryllic paint on paper).
So much more fun than adding color to a line drawing on the computer, and so much Moor life in the illustration too!
It's a bit silent on these pages at the moment while I'm working on a series of original illustrations/paintings that will eventually end up in Foppe's shop, so please be patient but stay tuned! 

Saint Francis

Received a very nice email from one of my clients about 'The Sower' lino he recently purchased.
He visited an exhibition on Saint Francis in Utrecht yesterday and while watching a fragment of 'The Flowers of St. Francis' (1950) - Roberto Rossellini, he noticed a similarity between my sower and St Francis (he attached this movie still). Indeed!
Eventhough St. Francis didn't inspire this lino cut he is in my heart always as he's my favorite patron saint.
But of course I did a lino in his honor earlier! 

New shop front!

Oh wow! Etsy redesigned the shop pages! I think it looks really good, don't you think?

Uwrapping Spring!

Just two Moor days to go!
These two Spring lino prints just came back from the gallery where they have been on display. I'll give them a spot in my studio as I've got a few more prints in my drawers and they are still available in my shop of course.

I'm sorry for being away for so long, been very busy with my daytime illustrations but I'll be posting new work soon.
Hope you all will have a wonderful start of the new season!
Happy Spring from Foppe's Acre!


It was time for a new opening photo for Foppe's Acre Originals . So sweet to see so many of my critters together.

We're ready for spring!

Flora is finished and I'm in love.
She's exactly how I had invisioned her, or maybe ever sweeter! I'll list her in my shop next week but first we have to enjoy the weekend together. 

True colors

Short update on Flora; well, as you can see she's getting her spring colors! Painted the first glazes and I think that she's going to be very pretty once she's finished. I'll build her foliage by adding transparent glazes of green in different shades to give it depth, I think it's working.
Once I'll paint her eyes (last thing) she will be perfect and ready for her season!
Stay tuned!

A productive day so far!

From top left to bottom right: silicone mold, clay original, Duracast copy, copy, copy, copy.
The girls will have to cure for a day or two and then the fun of bringing them to life can begin!

Making Flora's mold

There she goes!
Been very busy with illustration work this week so I had to wait till the weekend before I could continue with my Spring Goddess.
I hadn't looked at her for a week and she really surprised me this morning with her friendly smile. I'm really happy with this leaf lady and can't wait to cast- and paint her. I'm thinking about lots of transparent glazes of fresh green (like English Poole Pottery) and a few bright colors. Tomorrow we'll know more when the silicone has cured. Stay tuned! 

It's all in the details

I wanted to make a mold of Flora this morning but my eye fell on a detail that wasn't right. Funny how that works. I'd finished her past weekend and because I was busy with illustrations this week I hadn't time to get on with making the mold so I had to put her away for a few days.
This morning it looked like part of a leaf had broken off but checking older photos it had been like that all the time, just a little gap where two leaves overlapped. Not acceptable, so I filled it in with a new leaf this morning. Mold making won't happen this weekend because it has to dry out but at least Flora is perfect now.
Sometimes you become blind after working so intensely on a piece.