Paper Mache man

I will be participating in a group exhibition at the end of the month at the Oker Gallery in Amsterdam, it will be the last time as the gallery closes sadly. The theme this time is 'Portrait - looking back'. I've been too busy all summer and didn't have much time or inspiration to create something new so I decided to enter my Desk Dudes which was fine with the gallery owner.
But in hindsight I wanted to create something new, something special for this last time.
After my sugar skull I really enjoyed paper mache again so that's what I'm going to use as I want to make something on a larger scale than I normally do.
I've been following Jonni Good's (ultimatepapermache.com) Youtube channel for a few years and have learned a lot about paper mache and sculpting in paper mache clay but never used a crumbled paper armature before. I've always made the armatures for my bigger pieces from chicken wire.
It's in it's premature phase, just determining scale and posture before I really sculpt the face and torso. I've got a vague image in my head of what the figure will become but I'll let the paper show me the way.
When the shaping is done I'll finish the skin with paper mache (pieces of news paper) and finally paint it.
Should be fun

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