New Matryoshka dolls

So today my order of the new Matryoshka dolls came in but they are not exactly what I expected. I like the size and shape, all good, and I knew they were prepainted with black lines but I'd hoped I could sand the lines off. Can't. The wood is totally saturated by the black paint and no matter how hard I sand they stay. Bummer.
So a new version of my famous Nativity scene will be created.
I will give them the same aged treatment like my boxes, light layer of paint over dark paint and sand/scrape parts away, it will give a similar vintage look.
That is the problem when you depend on ready mades for your designs, once they are out of stock you have to invent something new, a challenge not a tragedy.
Good news is that I found some special shapes too! Looking forward to create a new set of Winter Friends!

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