Zeus and Boots keepsake box

Keepsake box in commission by Charlotte Keys as a gift for a good friend of hers.
Charlotte asked if I could make a box with sculptures of her friend's dog Zeus (King Charles Spaniel) and her cat Boots on the top.
She provided a few photos of the critters and requested a sculpture of Zeus and Boots in a loving embrace.
I was honored of course and happily took on this exciting commission!
After sending the pencil sketches I went to work, made wire armatures of Boots and Zeus and went on modeling them in air dry clay.
It was quite a challenge as I normally don't work in a realistic way but the critters had to be clearly recognizable to Charlotte's friend.
According to Charlotte and her friend I succeeded (I think so too ;-) and now Zeus and Boots live with Charlotte's friend in their new forever home.

Thanks again Charlotte for this commission, I enjoyed every minute of it!
I'll soon post a series of photos about the making of Zeus and Boots, so stay tuned! 

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