Timmy and Tommy keepsake box

I'm happy to introduce a new member (members actually) to Foppe's collection of keepsake boxes!
Timmy and Tommy.
As you know I've made the Zeus and Boots box in commission for one of my clients recently (see previous posts) and as a follow up I've made this sweet version.
With most of my commissions I offer my clients two options:
1- I make a unique one of a kind piece for my regular price,
2- I create the commissioned piece for a lower fee keeping in mind that I reproduce and sell it in my shop.
My client agreed with the second option with the note that I wouldn't use the same colors on the reproduction keeping Zeus and Boots unique.

For this second box I've used our Timmy as the model for the kitty and gave him an imaginary companion to nestle himself onto.
Aren't they sweet?
I'm planning to create a few more versions and can always, if you wish, paint the critters in colors you prefer.
This treasure is now available for adoption in my shop!

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