Sowing the seeds of love

Now Spring is up on us I'd like to share a sweet story which happened past Summer.
My good friend Carolyn who lives in Indiana (USA) and is a big fan of my work asked if I could give her the name of the gallery in Amsterdam where I have some work on display. A colleague and friend of her was planning a vacation to Amsterdam and wanted to visit the gallery to view my work! I was honored of course and gave Carolyn the information.
When her friend returned from her trip to Holland she brought Carolyn a special present from Holland; my 'The Sower' card printed on paper that contains flower seed to grow your own spring garden. Carolyn was very happy with this special gift and I was very moved by the fact that someone I didn't even know took the trouble to try and find a gallery in a big city she hadn't been to and bought one of my pieces as a gift to someone so important to her.
Thanks for sharing this sweet story Carolyn!

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