Timmy and Tommy keepsake box

I'm happy to introduce a new member (members actually) to Foppe's collection of keepsake boxes!
Timmy and Tommy.
As you know I've made the Zeus and Boots box in commission for one of my clients recently (see previous posts) and as a follow up I've made this sweet version.
With most of my commissions I offer my clients two options:
1- I make a unique one of a kind piece for my regular price,
2- I create the commissioned piece for a lower fee keeping in mind that I reproduce and sell it in my shop.
My client agreed with the second option with the note that I wouldn't use the same colors on the reproduction keeping Zeus and Boots unique.

For this second box I've used our Timmy as the model for the kitty and gave him an imaginary companion to nestle himself onto.
Aren't they sweet?
I'm planning to create a few more versions and can always, if you wish, paint the critters in colors you prefer.
This treasure is now available for adoption in my shop!

The making of Zeus and Boots

Keepsake box in commission by Charlotte Keys as a gift for a good friend.
Charlotte asked if I could make a box with sculptures of her friend's dog Zeus (King Charles Spaniel) and her cat Boots on the top.
She provided a few photos of the critters and requested a sculpture of Zeus and Boots in a loving embrace. In the following photos you'll see how it all came about, enjoy! :-)

Finished piece before varnish.

Zeus and Boots keepsake box

Keepsake box in commission by Charlotte Keys as a gift for a good friend of hers.
Charlotte asked if I could make a box with sculptures of her friend's dog Zeus (King Charles Spaniel) and her cat Boots on the top.
She provided a few photos of the critters and requested a sculpture of Zeus and Boots in a loving embrace.
I was honored of course and happily took on this exciting commission!
After sending the pencil sketches I went to work, made wire armatures of Boots and Zeus and went on modeling them in air dry clay.
It was quite a challenge as I normally don't work in a realistic way but the critters had to be clearly recognizable to Charlotte's friend.
According to Charlotte and her friend I succeeded (I think so too ;-) and now Zeus and Boots live with Charlotte's friend in their new forever home.

Thanks again Charlotte for this commission, I enjoyed every minute of it!
I'll soon post a series of photos about the making of Zeus and Boots, so stay tuned! 

Chocolate box

Finished painting a new box today in mocha and chocolate colors. It will get a very sweet and cute sculpture on the top which I'm still working on, so stay tuned for the final result! 

Have an Eggstraordinary Easter!

New look

Some of the promotional material for Foppe's Acre Originals needed adding to- and updating after two years so I started with myself. 
Moor to follow soon.

Hindeloopen Puck!

Finished the last one of the Puck 'My Tummy Hurts' treats boxes in this series today. The idea behind these boxes is that Puck is sitting on a table wondering when his dish will be filled with treats. While the previous boxes all were done in a 50's diner setting, this one is in Hindeloopen style (Dutch, Friesian folk art). Lots of intricate details, the decoration on the dish are done with a brush containing only a few hairs! I'm in love! 

Forwarding Feeback

I received this sweet email from one of Foppe's fans this morning which totally made my day! :-)

"Hi Peter,
I wanted you to know that I received the package today filled with all your beautiful work. It exceeded expectations. Your work is so amazing, eye catching and endearing. I love all the details from the beautiful painting on the cats to the stickers on the package to the tiny passports. Lovely touches. I will be back and I'll show your site to a few friends who I know would love and appreciate your work.
I will enjoy each piece so much!
Thank you!"

Monochrome Puck

After making a few colorful versions of the 'My tummy hurts' treats box I decided to go for a monochrome version. It think it works really well! Puck is an all-rounder and fits in anywhere.

Please, please mister Postman

A box filled with Foppe's Acre goodness all packed and ready to start their journey to Kansas (USA) today!

My tummy hurts!

One of the new Puck's has found a spot on his little treats box, it's now up to his new owner to keep his dish filled with goodies!
It was a lot of fun to reproduce this 'My tummy hurts' piece.

Sir Alex

I'm working on a new series of cats and dogs to be used on my art cards collection and this time I'm introducing Mister Longnose, aka Alex Buikschuivers. Alex is one of my good friend Saskia's Dachshunds (I've portrayed him before in a series of commissioned miniatures) and I thought he was the perfect model for my canine family. Thanks for allowing me to make a graphic portrait of him Sas! 

Puck Quartett

'Oh please, don't look at me that way!'
The Puck quadruplets wonder if I will ever fill their bowl. ;-)

Sowing the seeds of love

Now Spring is up on us I'd like to share a sweet story which happened past Summer.
My good friend Carolyn who lives in Indiana (USA) and is a big fan of my work asked if I could give her the name of the gallery in Amsterdam where I have some work on display. A colleague and friend of her was planning a vacation to Amsterdam and wanted to visit the gallery to view my work! I was honored of course and gave Carolyn the information.
When her friend returned from her trip to Holland she brought Carolyn a special present from Holland; my 'The Sower' card printed on paper that contains flower seed to grow your own spring garden. Carolyn was very happy with this special gift and I was very moved by the fact that someone I didn't even know took the trouble to try and find a gallery in a big city she hadn't been to and bought one of my pieces as a gift to someone so important to her.
Thanks for sharing this sweet story Carolyn!

Puck's mold

Saved Puck from his silicone predicament this morning, he was happy he could breathe again.!

The mold is purrfect, no air bubbles and just flexible enough to release the cast without problems. Had to cast a first copy right away of course. I'm getting the hang of these block molds!

Got milk? ;-)

After I sold my original 'Tummy Hurts' treasury box I sculpted a new Puck for myself because I liked him so much. I wasn't planning to put him for sale again but since a new client wanted this box so much I decided to make a mold of him today. That way every Puck will turn out as beautiful as this original sculpture.

The real Mick and his miniature

Lies just sent me this photo of de real Mick snoozing in front of his liitle portrait. I always enjoy seeing where my work ends up and it looks like little Mick has found the purrfect home!
(Dank je Lies!)

Portrait of Mick; finished!

The day before yesterday I finished Mick's portrait and sent it to Lies yesterday. Today it arrived and Lies is very happy with the painted version of her beautiful loverboy.
 It was great fun doing this one, it took longer than I expected as I worked on it on and off but I'm very happy with how this sweet boy turned out, and more importantly Lies is happy!