Some sad news from Foppe's Acre

On December 30th we had to say farewell to the most important resident of Foppe's Acre, our sweet and beautiful boy Foppe passed away after fourteen wonderful years with us. We miss him terribly.

Foppe was a stray cat who chose to live with us when we moved to our new home in Friesland fourteen years ago, we guessed that he must have been about three years old at the time. He was a sweet and gentle soul and we didn't have to think twice about adopting him, but the truth is in fact that he adopted us. We decided to name our new property 'Foppe's Acre' after him because he made this house and land our home.
Foppe lived a long and happy life with us and was loved by all who met him, he was a remarkable cat.
Foppe suffered from an intestinal condition (megacolon) for ten years which we had under control for all those years, past summer his kidneys started to fail him and a few weeks before Christmas it was clear that his health was deteriorating fast.
December 30 we had to let him go, with a broken heart.

Foppe was my soulmate and inspired me to start Foppe's Acre Originals. He will live on in our hearts, in the many artworks I've made of him in the past and all the new pieces that I will create in the future.

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