Foppe's Buddha Cat treasury box

After Foppe passed away on December 30, 2014 I decided to make a treasury box for him to safekeep things that belonged to him and remind me of him. I sculpted the figurine in air dry clay and after painting mounted him atop a wooden box which I painted in Hindeloopen folk art style. I've used a few iconic photos of Foppe to work from and gave him the recently designed 'Foppe's Acre Coat of Arms'. The animals on the shield repesent the residents of Foppe's Acre on a field of green and blue (the wide Friesian countryside and skies) and part of the Friesian flag (white ribbon with two red lilypads) which also symbolises our lovel for Foppe's Acre and its inhabitants.
This box is a one of a kind and understandably won't be for sale but I've made casts from Foppe's figurine and will eventually list them in my shop (with- or without box).

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