The making of the Holly King

Phew! Made a silicone mold of the Holly King last night hoping I could cast a few Kings for the fair on Saturday. Normally the silicone needs to cure for ten hours but when I checked this morning it still hadn't set and was still sticky. I feared something went wrong although I was sure I mixed the silicone and hardener as I should have. Stress! I consulted my sculptor friend Corine hoping she new what could have gone wrong. Corine thought that now it's cooler (Summer end in Holland) the silicone needs more time to set. So I placed the mold in our bathroom and turned the heater on as Corine suggested. Waited another six hours and took the risk and opened the frame. Voila! Mold exactly as I'd hoped, firm and full of detail! Now I can cast the first copy of the Holly King! Thanks for helping me out Corine!

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