Forwarding Feedback.

I'd like to share some of the latest reviews on recent purchases from
Foppe's faithful fans:

Received this nice email from Kathy in Maryland. Thank you Kathy!
'Hi Peter
The package arrived yesterday in perfect condition thanks to your careful packing. I am over the top delighted with these green men. You have perfectly captured my idea of what a green man looks like. They should be just a wee bit sinister looking. So many I have seen are overly cute- these are perfect! The big one is already hanging by the porch door into the house (in a sheltered location) and so he greets us each time we come in.'

This review reached us from Susan in Australia. Thanks Susan!
'A Fabulous "Little Green Man" Beautifully created....now happily living in Australia!'

Another kind feedback from Pamela in North Carolina, USA. Thanks Pam!
'How does this artist read my mind. My husband and I love green men. A great tradition to have in your house. His packages arrive well ahead of Etsy's suggested time. Thanks!'

...and feedback from Pam on my lino print 'All ducks are equal;
'Wonderful! First, I've got to mention this seller gets things to you immediately. +++ Holland mail service too. Much more importantly, works from Foppe's Acre is so wonderful. I've bought several other things and love them all. There is a bit of folk and traditional here, but with a twist.'

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