A Greener Australia!

Yay! One of our Green Man magnets made the journey to Australia to meet his new friends Susan, Daffy and Sylvester! Susan posted these wonderful photos this morning and wrote a sweet story along with it. Thanks Susan, Daffy and Sylvester, you made my day, I hope you all will enjoy your new family member!
This is what susan wrote:

'Hi Peter,
The little Green Man has arrived safely, he had his passport stamped and is now settling into Australian Life. ..Daffy and Sylvester were very excited to meet him and Daffy who is loosing some of her feathers due to the change in season had one settle on the "Green Man", this tickled his nose and made him sneeze ...but he was very polite and didn't mind at all!!
Also thank Foppe for the extra little gift x..... I have been informed by Miss Daffy and Sylvester I must visit your shop on "Etsy" and buy lots of your little Green Men!!

Thanks Peter and everyone on Foppes Acre!!...Susan, Daffy and Sylvester! '

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