Let it snow!

It's Summer, the sun is out and the yard is green but you have to take photos for Christmas listings in my shop, so what do yo do?
Well, you take some holly, white flour, play around and... Voila! 

Winter Friends

I know it's only september but I plan to design a lot of new stuff for Christmas, so... made an early start.
Just finished these winter friends this afternoon; Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, the Angel and a cute litte Christmas tree.

Spread a little happiness

Foppe and I are worried about the world, there's too much intolerance and agression. Why can't humans live peacefully side by side and spread love instead of hatred.

As an artist I can do my part, trying to bring a smile to people's faces and to make them happy with my work.
Here's a collection of commissions, made by me with love.
'Spread a little happiness as you go by.'

New dolls!

Felt like creating a new set of nesting dolls so I've been happily sketching away these days.
This is going to be a winter family, a bunch of sweet characters we all now and love.


An early Christmas

Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Foppe's Acre Originals at the St Jansdal Art Fair

Saturday (September 6, 2014) Foppe's Acre Originals attended the St Jansdal Art Fair in Harderwijk (Gelderland-Netherlands).
The fair was located on the ground floor of the parking garage at the St Jansdal hospital in Harderwijk. Over 50 artitsts attended with a large variety of art works.

The maker behind his work! It was a wonderful day at the art fair. We met lots of nice people (co-stall holders and visitors) there was a lot of interest in Foppe's art and specially Green Men and greeting cards found happy new homes!
Our table/stall was fairly small so we couldn't display all our work and had to make a suitable selection for the day. Good thing that I brought the folk art trunks along! Though it looks quite cramped our stall stood out by the large variety of art work which kept people hanging around for a long time.

There's a new Green Man in the family!

Proudly presenting 'The Holly King', finished him this afternoon, just in time for the art fair next Saturday.
He only needs a coat of varnish and than he's ready to find a new home. I'm sure I'll miss him but I've got a few brothers who will keep me company in the meantime.

Forwarding Feedback.

I'd like to share some of the latest reviews on recent purchases from
Foppe's faithful fans:

Received this nice email from Kathy in Maryland. Thank you Kathy!
'Hi Peter
The package arrived yesterday in perfect condition thanks to your careful packing. I am over the top delighted with these green men. You have perfectly captured my idea of what a green man looks like. They should be just a wee bit sinister looking. So many I have seen are overly cute- these are perfect! The big one is already hanging by the porch door into the house (in a sheltered location) and so he greets us each time we come in.'

This review reached us from Susan in Australia. Thanks Susan!
'A Fabulous "Little Green Man" Beautifully created....now happily living in Australia!'

Another kind feedback from Pamela in North Carolina, USA. Thanks Pam!
'How does this artist read my mind. My husband and I love green men. A great tradition to have in your house. His packages arrive well ahead of Etsy's suggested time. Thanks!'

...and feedback from Pam on my lino print 'All ducks are equal;
'Wonderful! First, I've got to mention this seller gets things to you immediately. +++ Holland mail service too. Much more importantly, works from Foppe's Acre is so wonderful. I've bought several other things and love them all. There is a bit of folk and traditional here, but with a twist.'

Back on track!

Cast three Holly Kings today which will have to harden for one day before I can paint them on Thursday. Everything's going according to plan.

The making of the Holly King

Phew! Made a silicone mold of the Holly King last night hoping I could cast a few Kings for the fair on Saturday. Normally the silicone needs to cure for ten hours but when I checked this morning it still hadn't set and was still sticky. I feared something went wrong although I was sure I mixed the silicone and hardener as I should have. Stress! I consulted my sculptor friend Corine hoping she new what could have gone wrong. Corine thought that now it's cooler (Summer end in Holland) the silicone needs more time to set. So I placed the mold in our bathroom and turned the heater on as Corine suggested. Waited another six hours and took the risk and opened the frame. Voila! Mold exactly as I'd hoped, firm and full of detail! Now I can cast the first copy of the Holly King! Thanks for helping me out Corine!

More Green Men!

Had to go to the sulptors centre in Koudum this afternoon to fetch supplies for my Green Men, lo and behold look what I found over the entrance of the store! These are four ceramic Green Men and I could be wrong but I think they depict the four seasons.
Green Men are taking over the world!

I DO have a wooden heart (Sorry Elvis)

Finished these four hanging heart ornaments this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll continue with the Holly King who's completely dry now (put him in the oven along with the heart shaped dishes for a while.

Hen, duck, goose.

Dishes are done, makes seven in total. They now have to bake in the oven for 45 minutes (150 degrees) to harden the paint and then they're ready for the fair. On with the wooden hearts!

Dish it up!

Painted five heart shaped dishes in total now but only four go into a four leaf clover (obviously)
I'll show the rest once they're finished.

Hindeloopen at the fair!

I've decided to add a few more items to my Hindeloopen folk art collection for the art fair next weekend. I'll be painting wooden heart ornaments and porcelain heartshaped dishes.
I'm not simply copying the existing Hindelooper style, I won't be using he standard colors but give it my own twist and even though I do use the traditional motifs I'll make my own patterns with them so they will be unique and typical Foppe's Acre Originals. I'll show a few pieces later.

A Greener Australia!

Yay! One of our Green Man magnets made the journey to Australia to meet his new friends Susan, Daffy and Sylvester! Susan posted these wonderful photos this morning and wrote a sweet story along with it. Thanks Susan, Daffy and Sylvester, you made my day, I hope you all will enjoy your new family member!
This is what susan wrote:

'Hi Peter,
The little Green Man has arrived safely, he had his passport stamped and is now settling into Australian Life. ..Daffy and Sylvester were very excited to meet him and Daffy who is loosing some of her feathers due to the change in season had one settle on the "Green Man", this tickled his nose and made him sneeze ...but he was very polite and didn't mind at all!!
Also thank Foppe for the extra little gift x..... I have been informed by Miss Daffy and Sylvester I must visit your shop on "Etsy" and buy lots of your little Green Men!!

Thanks Peter and everyone on Foppes Acre!!...Susan, Daffy and Sylvester! '

Quick trunk project two

Decided to paint a second trunk in Hindeloopen folk art style but with a Delft Blue twist! These trunks are for our own use but a good practice to paint on a larger scale. Who knows this exercise will come in handy one day!