Quick trunk project

I needed a short break from my sculptures and paintings while some new ideas are brewing in my head but I wanted to keep busy so I started a new quick project this week.
This trunk was sitting on our landing for years filled with junk and we've decided to give it a new life in our hallway (storing shoes). Didn't want to make a big deal out of it so I painted it with left over paints in folk art Hindelooper style (like my floral boxes). Fun to do something on a larger scale!

The blank wooden trunk as it was sitting on our upstairs landing for the longest time.

Firstly painted the trunk alll over in dark blue.

Before the paint was complelety dry (still sticky) I scraped a layer off with a piece of glass and sanded it to create a worn/vintage look.

 This style of decorating furniture is called ' Hindeloopen' which is a traditional Dutch folk art from the province of Friesland. I've used different colors than is traditionally used (left over paints).
First drew some rough outlines of the design in chalk before painting the first layer in yellow.

 I was planning to add some shading in green (yellow and blue mixed together) but in hindsight there was not enough contrast between the two colors. Found some ivory paint in our shed and decided to use that for highlights which worked even better than my initial plan. One last round of sanding to age the paint a little and the trunk is ready for use.

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