Making a silicone mold

To be a ble to reproduce the Green Men sculptures my sculptor friend Corine Ton-Rekers showed how to make a silicone mold.
Follow the process step by step; from making the mold to casting the first Green Man. First six photos are taken in Corine's studio, folowing series of photos are taken at home in my studio the following day.

Corine prepared the frame in which the silicone will be poared by adding a layer of clay to adhere the original to the bottom (preventing it might float by while poaring the silicone.


Making sure the original is completely secured on the bottom and pushing clay against the sides to prevent silicone seeping under the green man.

Frame ready to receive the silicone. Corine sprayed a layer of silicone spray to seal the original making removing the mold from the original easier.
Corine feared that the original (which is made from air dry clay) may dissolve some by the wet silicone. Time will tell.

Corine carefully spooned the silicone onto the original from one side to prevent air bubbles getting trapped under the silicone.

Bit by bit the frame gets filled with silicone.

The original is completely submerged in silicone and left to cure for 12 hours.

Next day the silicone mold is taken out of the frame, original still inside.

Corine's fear that the original may dissolve proved to be true. Some parts melted by the weight and moisture of the silicone but after poaring the silicone had already created a skin which protected sharp details.

Pouring water inside the mold to dissolve the last bits of clay which was sticking in deeper corners.

Brushed out the soft clay leaving a sharp and perfect impression of the original.

Getting ready to cast by using Duracast (a plaster like material made from ground marble and water)

Poured Duracast into the mold and left to dry for an hour.

Taking the cast from the silicone mold. The cast is a perfect copy of the original. Cutting away excess Duracast on the sides and sanding the edges.

Silicone mold and first Duracast copy of the green man.

End result; a perfect and sharp copy of the original air dry clay green man, ready to be painted.
Mission accomplished!

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