First self made silicone mold

After Corine showed me how to make a silicone mold for my green man I tried it myself today. I used a slightly different method, instead of a wooden frame I made a wall from play-dough so I didn't have to use as much silicone. In perparation I varnished the clay sculpture to prevent it from dissolving while the silicone cures, put some sticky tape on a plastic cutting board to adhere the sculpture, then built the wall and sprayed silicon spray on it to help removing the cured silicone.
Finally mixed the two silicone components (hopefully in the right proportions) and poared it into the mold.

Varnished the green man, placed it on sticky tape on a plastic cutting board, sprayed with silicone spray.

Built a wall around the sculpture with play-dough, put in the fridge for an hour to somewhat harden the clay. Ready for the silicone!

Mixed the two silicone compounds and poared into the mold. Needs curing for ten hours before the mold is set.

I could release the original green man in one piece, not a chip missing and no air bubbles, a perfect negative image of my little green man, wohoo!
Today I'm going to make a second one and than a third, and the fourth.... Getting the hang of it for sure!

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