I've worked on my Friesian mare the past couple of days but I'm not satisfied with the result so far.
I always use a painting effect in my sculptures; creating depth in their coats by paiting transparent layer upon layer but for obvious reasons this isn't really working on a black horse. Whatever I tried she comes out flat and like in this photo without proper lighting there's no interest looking at her, even if her curves are nice and smooth. A dissapointment.
So I'm going to live dangerously and try something new. 

I've used this material years ago and think it will create the coat for my mare I had in mind.
It's a silver colored foil that you apply ontop of a sticky glue-like substance. After it's dry you can add glazes to create a bronze like appearance.
I've done a test on a small goose sculpture and I think it will work.
Friesians are deep black horses, their coats shine like a mirror in the sun so my hopes are this silver foil will create the effect I invisioned.
Wish me luck!


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