Painting again!

Started working on a new commission today!
Ive been asked to paint a portrait of a beautiful and sweet (Swiss) Berner Laufhund called Flapje.
Flapje was the companion of a good friend, she passed away some twenty years ago but my friend carries fond memories of her and wanted a lasting remembrance of her on his wall. I am honored to fulfill his request.
I'm going to paint Flapje in a semi impressionistic style in acryllic and set her up in pencil this morning.
I'm looking forward to painting again and will post photos of the progress.

In other news; I've got a request to make a sculpture of a Friesian horse in a similar style as my first horse Lila Gubben. The client requested a proud Friesian with long manes and tail, I think I can grant her wish! Stay tuned for updates! 

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