Waiting for her first coat of paint!

My little Friesian friend is now ready for her first coat of paint. I sanded and sanded and polished some more, her coat is as smooth as a baby's bottom. I'm really happy with the result so far, I think her manes, tail and fringes on her hooves turned out beautifully. Can't wait to finish her!


First scrub

My new Friesian horse after her first scrub. I'm always amazed after the first round of carving and sanding at what is hiding under that rough surface.
Slowly but surely the black beauty appears.
I have to smooth out some dents and work on her manes and socks but I'm well on my way!


Proud Friesian

My new Friesian horse is ready for carving. I've modeled her long tail and manes this morning and added more bulk to her body and snout (most of it will be carved and sanded away). I'm happy with her so far, I particularly like her proud stance. She has to dry for a couple of days before I can get back to working on her but I'm looking forward to finishing this black beauty!


A new Friesian horse!

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.
Working on the requested sculpture of the Friesian horse today. Lila Gubben (the white horse in the background) has a similar wire armature inside her clay body so you can imagine what I'll be doing today! I'll keep you posted on the progress. This new baby will be simialr to Lila Gubben but apart from being black she will have a more sturdy body and long, long manes and tail.

The new Friesian horse after the first round of modeling. She's drying for a day to firm up and tomorrow I'll continue to get her in shape.
I think she's going to become a black beauty!


Working on Flapje the Swiss Berner Laufhund

Portrait of Berner Laufhund Flapje:
After drawing the contours I added the first layer of paint, starting with the background. Pieter, the client, preferred a brownish/ochre background that complements Flapje's eye color and markings, I totally agreed. Then I set up her face in coarse black and white swashes and let it dry.
I'll work ontop of this in semi transparent washes.

After the first layer of paint was dry I added contrast and first details. I'll gradually refine the shading but will keep the individual bursh strokes visible to give it a lively appearance.



Painting again!

Started working on a new commission today!
Ive been asked to paint a portrait of a beautiful and sweet (Swiss) Berner Laufhund called Flapje.
Flapje was the companion of a good friend, she passed away some twenty years ago but my friend carries fond memories of her and wanted a lasting remembrance of her on his wall. I am honored to fulfill his request.
I'm going to paint Flapje in a semi impressionistic style in acryllic and set her up in pencil this morning.
I'm looking forward to painting again and will post photos of the progress.

In other news; I've got a request to make a sculpture of a Friesian horse in a similar style as my first horse Lila Gubben. The client requested a proud Friesian with long manes and tail, I think I can grant her wish! Stay tuned for updates! 


New Piglet

I've just learned that the little piggy I made last week has arrived at his new home in Finland! He was a Mother's Day susrpise and his new mom is very happy with him.