Bovine Bilss

So from today we also have a cow at Foppe's Acre, our menagerie is expanding once again! 
Proudly presenting Mathilda.
I've finished her this afternoon and thought she might like some fresh grass so I took her into the yard. It was a big success, after being born in my studio and sitting on my art table for weeks she really enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.


First coat

Mathilda the cow and her dachshund friend today.
Painting is a slow process, specially the cow as I work in many transparant layers. I mix a medium in the white acryllic to keep the tranparency as clear as I can but drying takes a lot longer. I think her markings are just right, now it's painting the snout, hooves and horns, lastly the eyes. The doxie is also ready for the details. Tomorrow is another day!

Let the fun begin!

I gave Mathilda the cow and the three doggies their first base coat today so now I can start giving them their final colors and personality. Next photo will be of them in all their glory.


First scrub

First round of carving details and sanding the new critters. Now it's filling in holes and dents and then it's sanding and polishing some more before painting.
I like every stage of the process in creating these scluptures and it's sweet to see their personalities appear with every step, of course there are critters who appeal more to me than others, even though I love them all there are always one or two who capture my heart right away.

Mathilda the cow

First round of modeling the cow. I'm happy with her so far, she's not nearly finished but I have to let the clay firm up first before I continue. Next phase will be paying more attention to the anatomy and adding details, she has no udder yet and her face needs more fine tuning. Tomorrow is another day, stay tuned!


The first batch of critters all got sold before they were even finished, the second batch is now listed in my shop so I had my hands free to make some new babies! On the table today are, a cow, another horse, a new piggy, two Jack Russel's and a Dachshund! My fingers itch to start adding clay and bring them to life.