Busy times at Foppe's Acre

Phew, the first four sculptures are listed in my shop, two more to go (I think) and then it's back to making new ones. I've got plenty of great ideas!
In the meantime I'm working on a commission of two wire armatures, a Buddha and a Pig, wohoo! The client liked my armatures as they are so I'm thrilled and will give it my best.
After that I'll start working on a commissioned painting, a portrait of a sweet long gone dog of a good friend. It's been a while since I've painted on canvas so I'm looking forward to it.
Lots to do and since Spring has arrived at Foppe's Acre there's a lot to do on our little farm aswell, so I have to plan carefully!


In the picture

Yay! I finally found a way to present my sculptures on Etsy. I didn't want to only take photos of the critters in a white setting (I do for detail photos and different angles) but wanted to add some depth and suggestion of a setting. I think this works wonderfully well. I didn't use my little studio-box but placed them against our livingroom wall on a blank wooden board in natural light. Now I can take photos of all the sculptures (and boxes) and finally make listings!


Treasury Chest

A peek into my stock cabinet.
This is my favorite piece of furniture in my studio, taking a peek inside makes me happy.
I'll be making listings for my shop soon but the thought of parting from my critters makes me postpone it over and over again.

Let's go exploring!

Trijntje Vrolijk (Dutch for Cheerful Trijntje).
I've made a few changes to her eyes and nose since yesterday and I think she's all done now apart from a coat of varnish.
She's almost as cute as our own Trijntje.


Back to work!

After a break of two weeks (personal stuff) I went back to work again today and continued painting these two cute kitties. They're not completely finished, need some touching up here and there but I'm well on my way.
It felt good to play with my little clay kids again! Update shortly, so stay tuned.


Group portrait

So today I finally got around to take photos of the latest batch of critters so I can list them in my shop this week (except the sitting dachshund and piglet who already found a new home).
They look so happy together don't you think?


Lilla Gubben

Pippi Longstocking's faithful horse Lilla Gubben came visiting Foppe's Acre today!
One of my recent sculptures, finished last week, I really should find the time to list a bunch of them in my shop. Next week, hopefully.


Little piglet Grieseknoen venturing out into the big wide world.
Last week I've finished my little piggy and before she's leaving Foppe's Acre I had to show her where she was born. Grieseknoen is already adopted and will be leaving Foppe's Acre soon, I'll miss my little pink friend but she's found a good new home in West-Friesland so I can still wave at him across the IJsselmeer.

It's all in the details

First grooming

Worked a couple of hours on my horse this afternoon and I'm happy so far. I couldn't help myself and had to sand her (I guess that's called grooming in equine circles) I want to make her body as smooth and shiny as I can and leave the mane on her neck and feet rough, I think that will make a nice contrast. She's going to be all black, I just started modeling an undefined horse but bit by bit she turned out to be a Friesian (it's the province I live in afterall).
A bit more detailing tomorrow and then she's ready for her final coat.
She's my very first horse but certainly not my last one!

Assorted beasties

The dachshunds are almost done, they need a bit more texture on their bodies and eyes of course, or else they can't see, but already they have become cute doxies. The doxie with the collar has already been named and is reserved! The piglet wanted spots, so spots he got, and the other doggie is still work in progress, he might still change, he hasn't made up his mind yet.
Oh, and I worked on the horse some more today, she's really a beauty in the making! 


Second day of sculpting (third day with building the armature). I'm getting there though I'm not nearly finished. I'm going to put my little horse in her stable for now and continue tomorrow.


First rough modeling of my new little friend.
This will be a challenging project, my first horse!
Today I added the first layers of clay onto the armature to roughly give it its shape and volume. Because of his/her long legs I have to work in phases and can't model the horse in one go without squishing the parts I just created. So s/he's now drying for a few hours to make the clay more firm so I can add more volume. More updates later so stay tuned!

Horsing around

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but Timmy doesn't want to talk to the horse, of course, of course (he's sleeping like a log)
New critter on the table today!

Mr Sandman, make me a zoo....

Spent the whole day sanding these critters untill they were smooth, then filled little holes and put them away to dry further.
Tomorrow I'll polish them with very fine sandpaper, give them a coat of primer and then it's off to giving them their first coat of paint.
Like always I'm working in several semi-transparent layers to create depth in their fur so it will be a few more days untill they are finished. Every step in the process, from constructing the wire armature to adding the clay, sanding several times and painting is so much fun. Slowly they are coming to life, my little clay menagerie. Stay tuned for the next update!

It's a zoo!

A whole menagerie sits on my table today waiting to be sanded tomorrow! Two kitties, three doxies, a pig and a wee duck will get their beauty treatment first thing in the morning!

Little duckie

Look! A sweet Mallard duckie visited me today!
(work in progress)

Oink oink

First rough modeling of my new piglet Grieseknoen (after Astrid Lindgren's story about Emil and his piggy). (watch this cute piglet in action: http://youtu.be/YFqqWOczKeM).
Now he's drying and when he's more firm I'll touch him up and sand him untill he's smooth and ready for painting. I think he's going to be very sweet! 

Signed, sealed and (to be) delivered!

Lots of hours, love and care go into creating my sculptures (and all my work of course) so they only deserve the very best when it comes to sending them on their way to their new homes.
All my critters come inside a warm and protected box, carefully wrapped in bubblewrap and nested in soft wood curls. They travel with their own special passport that lists all the information the new owners need (date of birth, date of adoption, previous owner/maker, new owner and care instructions etc).
These three doxies are ready to start their journey to their new loving home in Sweden!

Totally wired!

All my little doxies found good homes even before I could list them in my shop! How cool is that!
So today I've started on a new series to fill Foppe's Menagerie again. On the table today are, one piglet, three more dachshunds, two cats and a seagull! Guess I'll be busy the next few weeks!

(drawing) board meeting

Doxies on their way

The three doxies are almost finished. Painted them today in several semi-transparent layers of acryllic to create depth in their coats. Slowly their personality is shining through. Tomorrow adding their faces and final touches and then they're ready to find new homes. 

All critters great and small

Smallest sculptures to date; my little goose friend Hans and Felix our Canada gander (in the making).

My Tummy hurts too!

Tadaaa! Finished a new version of my 'Tummy Hurts' treats box today and I'm so happy with how it turned out! The kitty took me forever to paint, not just the coat but specially his expression. You know; you can create a beautifully sculpted body and do your very best on the paint work but if the eyes aren't right it won't work. Finesse is always in the little details.
I used the Hindeloopen folk art painting technique on the top (very elaborate) but kept the box itself quite plain, I think it's a good balance. Only a coat of varnish is needed to finish it off (but that makes photography hard to I waited till the very end). Another sweet box done, lots of work but all worth it!