Smooth as a baby's bottom!

The new critters are ready for their first coat of paint.
It took me all morning and most of the afternoon to sand and detail them, which is too long (I think), but I couldn't settle for less. I'm happy so far!
I'll give them a break for the rest of the day, all that handling appeared too much for them, they need a nap (and so do I!)


New critters in the making!

Right now I'm working on a few new trinket boxes with cute critters ontop.
These kids are roughly modeled, after the clay is dry I'll carve the details, sand and paint them.
I'll show the final results when they are finished.

Dog anatomy

Armature for a new figurine to grace one of my trinket boxes. Can you guess what breed of dog it will become? Next phase is dressing the armature with air dry clay. Stay tuned!

Home is where ...

Do you remember Nano? I painted his portrait in commission past Summer and today my client was so kind to send a few wonderful photos of Nano's painting and the sleeping cat lino on his walls.
I always enjoy seeing where my artwork ends up, I think they've found a fantastic home!

My dear niece Heidi bought some of my cards a little while ago and framed them so beautfully to grace her livingroom wall, doesn't it look great?




Our feline family has once again expanded!
I'm happy to introduce to you our 'Babushcats'!
These nesting dolls consist of five family members; the white mother cat with a new born orange kitty between her front paws, an orange tabby boy, a small but butch blue-grey boy, a little orange-red lady and the todler of the family (who still needs his sleep). Like in most cat families dad has duties elsewhere ;-)

These kitties are up for adoption in my shop!


Three kitties and a puppy dog.

It's been a productive few days! Today I finished three of my trinket boxes and listed them in my shop. Here's hoping someone will give them a happy forever home like the grey kitty who's been adopted by a sweet family in Sweden.
From top left to bottom right: Raggedy cat (who loves to sleep on the job but he's fearful like a lion), Puck who's tummy still hurts as he's waiting for a treat, Spotty the dog who never barks or bites but always guards your treasures and lastly Sven, a happy little tom who's living in Sweden.
Aren't they cute? ;-)


New critters!

 I tried something new; made a frame out of wire for the standing doggie and dressed it with air drying clay. Hopefully the wire will prevent the legs from breaking (we'll test it). That way I can make more animated critters for my boxes. Second kid is a long haired cat, no smooth surface this time but carved texture to give the impression of fur. Still needs detailing and more painting but I think these could become really cute.


Russian Blue

Started working on a new cat treats box, this time with a sweet Russian Blue on the top. It still needs some decoration and detailing but once it's finished I'll post a photo.
Stay tuned!