Nativity dance

Made a super short stop-motion video with my Matryoshka Nativity dolls, so you can see them in action.
Enjoy! :-)


Silent Night

Yay! I'm very excited and happy to announce the birth of a new item in my shop: my Matryoshka Nativity set of 5 nesting dolls! Aren't they cute?
I will make these to order in three days, please take note of time needed to paint and shipping time from Holland (schedule is mentioned in the header of my shop) if you want to surprise yourself or someone you love for Christmas.



Started a new project today; Matryoshka nesting dolls.
I can already tell that it will become a Nativity scene, the angel is almost finished, she only needs a few more details before I give her an antique/distressed look.
These dolls will be done in a combination of Russian folk art and the Hindeloopen painting technique.
Isn't she cute?



Yay! New item in my shop! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Set of three handpainted Christmas tree ornaments, meticulously painted Friesian folk art design on sweet little wooden disks, dangling from a sisal string. 

Aren't they sweet?



Work in progress

It was a productive (sun)day at Foppe's Acre.
Modeled four cats and a mouse for a few new treasury boxes and painted a new item; Christmas tree ornaments Hindeloopen style (wood).The cats and the mouse need detailing and sanding before they are painted but they need to dry first, I'm planning to make a rubber mold from the left sleeping kitty for a new item I'm developing (more about that soon).