El Gato

'El Gato', cat treats annex catnip box (two partitions inside).
Latest addition to the ever growing collection of treasury boxes finished today. Mexican Tonala style combined with the Dutch Hindeloopen way of painting in Delft Blue (a happy three-some).


It's all in the details

Slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of the traditional Dutch folk art painting style of Hindeloopen.
Here's a detail of a larger treasury box in development.
I'm learning the tricks of the trade (brush strokes) and now understand what makes this style what it is (symbolism, motifs etc) in such a way that I can now start to make my own variations and desgins but still stay within the recognizable style. I'm really enjoying myself! :-)

Little Treasures

Just finished two new treasury boxes today. A cute bleu one with a sweet goose on the top (with a hint of Delft Blue) and a brown one featuring a snoozing polar bear. They are painted in a happy marriage of the Dutch folk art style called Hindeloopen and a variation on the Mexican Tonala style. Soon to be listed in my shop on Etsy!


A letter from the Pope!

Some of you may remember that when Pope Francis was just elected in March I sent him one of my Saint Francis linocuts to congratulate him with his new position and wanted to wish him success with his difficult task. Today I received a thank you letter in the Pope's name by Monsigneur Peter B. Wells from The Hague. I'm thrilled and happy that Pope Francis liked my little lino and took the effort to send a reply:-)


Folk art from the Ore Mountains

It's no secret that I love folk art, my work is heavily (of should I say heavenly) inspired by it. I highly value the honesty in constructions and simplicity in designs, I greatly admire the skills and techniques of the makers.

While searching for tiny Christmas trees to decorate my Hindloopen boxes I came across this video of a craftsman making a tree from one single peg. It takes a lot of skill to create such an intricate design and the result is breathtaking. I hope you enjoy this.

Boxing Day

Just a peek at today's work table...
I've introduced my first keepsake box (the one with the sheep on the lid) earlier this week but I'm well on my way to paint a few more.
Like the sheep box these are all painted in a traditional Dutch folk art style called 'Hindeloopen' (named after a small town in our province of Friesland). It's not my style to copy existing work (even though it's in a traditional style used by many) so I'm working on making it my own and add personal elements, like this Christmas tree that doesn't exist in this style.
I'm having a lot of fun painting these boxes and soon I will show more.


Counting sheep

I decided to create a few new trinket boxes, it's been a long while and after painting on canvas for the past few months I wanted to make something three dimensional again.
After the cats and the little duck it was time to portray our sweet Kerry Hill sheep Patsy.
The box is painted in a traditional Dutch/Friesian style originated in the little town of Hindeloopen (though I took the liberty to change the colors to fit my need). Patsy is modeled from air dried clay and painted in acryllic. This precious keepsake box is now available in my shop.

Right now I'm working on a few more, different sizes and shapes in different color schemes and of course with different animals on the top. Stay tuned for updates!



Portrait of Calico in the Peacock chair.
Yesterday I finished Calico's portrait and I'm very happy with the result. Since the last update I tweaked a few colors and added a bit more shading here and there. I think she's looking the part on her throne.
Last step is varnishing and send her on her way to Portland, Oregon (USA). It was a joy and a pleasure to do this commission.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

After I posted my Christmas Angel card a little while ago some of Foppe's fans have asked about the other designs. I know Christmas is still far away but to allow you a peek into my latest lino work I'm posting the card designs I have so far. I'm planning to make a lot more, in two color versions and gimmicks like the candle-card.


Almost there!

Portrait of Calico in the Peacock chair.
After a short break (preperations for the fairs I attended) I went back to painting today, high time to finish Calico's portrait.
I think I'm nearly there; changed the color of the background, detailed here and there and added shading to the chair and Calico herself.
I'm quite happy with today's progress, I'll put it away for a day and then add the final touches.
My client has been very patient even though we didn't set a deadline but I'm sure he can't wait to put the painting on his wall.