Foppe's Acre Originals at the annual Autumn Fair in Lemmer (Friesland)

Yesterday (September 28, 2013) Foppe's Acre Originals went to the annual Autumn Fair in Lemmer (Friesland). It was a successful day for business, sun filled and lots of interest for my lino's, cards and animal photography. 
The stall was filled with colorful art and photography. The whole range of linos, paintings, greeting cards and tote bags can of course be found in my shop on Etsy.
I've never payed a lot of attention to my animal photography on my blog but it's a part of my business that is growing in popularity. More photo's and stories about our life with the animals at Foppe's Acre can be found on Flickr.

Keep an eye on these pages for the announcement of the next fair! 


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