Foppe and Friends

Everyone who knows me and Foppe's Acre Originals know that animals are my passion and a constant factor in my artwork. Even though these pages are mainly about my paintings, linos and whatever I make with my hands I'd like to share some of my animal photos with you for a change.
I've created a video collage of some of my photos, most of the models in these pictures are our own animals but I've included some of Foppe's friends too. I hope you enjoy it!


Foppe's Acre Originals at the annual Autumn Fair in Lemmer (Friesland)

Yesterday (September 28, 2013) Foppe's Acre Originals went to the annual Autumn Fair in Lemmer (Friesland). It was a successful day for business, sun filled and lots of interest for my lino's, cards and animal photography. 
The stall was filled with colorful art and photography. The whole range of linos, paintings, greeting cards and tote bags can of course be found in my shop on Etsy.
I've never payed a lot of attention to my animal photography on my blog but it's a part of my business that is growing in popularity. More photo's and stories about our life with the animals at Foppe's Acre can be found on Flickr.

Keep an eye on these pages for the announcement of the next fair! 



Lokkich Nijjier!

Op de gezellige indoormarkt tijdens de feestweek van de Oranjeverenging Echtenerbrug e/o op zaterdag 14 september j.l. hadden de bezoekers gelegenheid zich te laten vereeuwigen als Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer om daarmee hun eigen kerst/nieuwjaarskaart te maken.
Het was een groot succes en erg leuk om te doen!

Voor iedereen die meegedaan heeft zijn hier de resultaten!
Klik op 'read more' onder deze post en de foto's verschijnen in een klein formaat samen met een nummer . Zoek jezelf en noteer het nummer, stuur dan een mailtje met je naam en het fotonummer naar mij (klik hier). Als ik je mailtje heb ontvangen stuur ik je een grotere versie zodat je deze in een email, op je mobiele telefoon, op je website of Facebook kunt gebruiken.
Wil je een groter bestand van betere kwaliteit zodat je er een ansichtkaart of poster van kan (laten) printen, op een mok of mousepad laten afdrukken als leuk kerstkadootje maak dan €10,00 over op ING rekening 6421763 tnv PGF Moorman te Echtenerbrug, ovv je naam en fotonummer.
Zodra ik je betaling heb ontvangen zal ik de foto in email naar je opsturen.

Ik vind de foto's zo leuk dat ik ze graag voor mijn eigen promotie wil gebruiken, ik doe er geen gekke dingen mee, ik laat er hooguit een kaart als voorbeeld voor de volgende actie van printen en wil een filmpje maken voor presentatiedoeleinden. Als je hier niet mee akkoord gaat wil je dat dan in je mailtje vermelden? Als je minderjarig bent wil ik graag toestemming van je ouders. Dank je!

Leuk dat je hebt meegedaan en veel plezier met je foto!


Foppe's Acre Originals at the Fair!

Past Saturday 'Foppe's Acre Originals' attended its first fair during an indoor market in our little town. It was a great succes and perfect way to present myself and my work to a greater public. I'm already planning the next fair!


Moor printing!

Like I've mentioned before I'll be presenting my artwork on the annual fair in our little town in two weeks. I've stocked up on cards and tote bags and now it's time to print more linos.
My 'Forever Friends' lino is by far the most popular print I have on offer in my shop. I've sold out my entire batch so reprinted a new edition on handmade India White Rag paper, gave it a little more space around the image too so there are more possibilities for framing. Doesn't it look good?

Update on Calico in the Peacock chair

Today's progress.
The painting of Calico has reached its final phase. Uptill now I've been building up the 'skin' of the painting by adding layers upon layers of semi-tranparent paint, correcting colors and contrast in the process an changing details in the back and the armrests of the chair.  
Next I'll be adding shades and textures. 

Stay tuned for the next update!

Kiddy tote bag 'Yin Yang'

Sweet kiddy tote bag 'Yin Yang' featuring two sleeping cats (Jelle and Timmy) in a loving embrace. Digital version of one of my best selling miniature paintings.

'Kjealleleafde' (Friesian for Young Love)

I've desgined a series of little tote bags for the kids recently, 'Groetnis út Fryslân' featuring tow cows in love, a sweet sheep, a cow, a pig and a Friesian horse. These are so cute and perfect for the little one's first day in school. It holds their (note) books, their lunch box and who knows maybe some first love letters too! But they can use it for almost anything of course.
(It's the perfect size to carry daddy and mommy's iPad too)!

These cute bags are all available in my shop.


The printer just delivered the banner for the upcoming fair in our town, it's fabulous!
(2 metres by 70 centimetres on sturdy vinyl)
I'm sure everyone will be able to find Foppe's stall!

'Groetnis út Fryslân' (greetings from Friesland)

I've designed four different greeting cards to promote our beautiful province Friesland/Fryslân. I'll be selling them as a set but how do you show four different images in one cello bag?
Well, just show each one of them on the backside of the wrapper!
I love designing my cards but I equally enjoy finding solotions for presenting/packing my artwork.

Portrait of Calico in the Peacock chair

Summers are always very busy at Foppe's Acre, there's plenty of work to do on our little farm; looking after the animals, doing my illustration work for studioMoor and than there are the commissions.
The client who commissioned this portrait of his sweet Calico gave me all the time I needed so I've continued sketching, tweaking details, adjusting composition and perfecting Calico's features in my cartoon-like style. I think I'm ready to start painting now. Stay tuned for future updates!