Cremation urn for Byrd

I'm honored to report that I did a commission to keep the memory of a beloved pet-companion alive.
Commissions like this aren't always the easiest ones to do because they are loaded with emotions for the client and thus for me, I love doing them. It's a privilege for me to portray a pet that has been so important to someone.

Custom made wooden cremation urn for a Byrd. 
The urn is made from wood and closes securely with a lid. Painted in acryllic and it is varnished for extra durability.
The urn is not weather proof. This urn holds about one litre of ashes and only comes in one size (8,6 inch high, 4,3 inch diametre) , it is are large enough to hold the ahses of a small pet up to a large dog. All around the urn reads' I carry your heart', a poem by E.E. Cummings.


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