The making of Valentine

Working in a more realistic and impressionistic way is a totally different experience than doing my more cartoon-like paintings. Before I start painting the cartoony critters I design the image by sketching with pencil on paper, sometimes it takes many rounds to get the character exactly they way I had in mind. Than I transfer the sketch on to the canvas and start painting. Because I chose the colors on forehand painting the image is a carefully thought through process.
(See how this is done here)

The process of the new series of paintings takes less preparation. I carefully choose one of my photos that I think will make a nice painting, than draw a very loose sketch on the canvas and start painting right away. Instead of painstakingly copying the photo I let the brush strokes form the image, touch by touch, layer by layer. It's more of an adventure because I don't know exactly where it will lead me and have to decide when to stop. The result is more lively, more spontanious.

The below photos show the process of painting Valentine. Acryllic on 8x8 inch (20x20 cm) stretched canvas.

 Loose sketch in pencil.
 First base colors.
 Adding shadows and high lights.
Final result.

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