New Impressions

It's been a wee bit silent on Foppe's blog this past month, but that doesn't mean I've been hibernating.
On the contrary, I've been working hard on a few new projects.

Back to my miniatures, that's where Foppe's Acre Originals started afterall, and I've missed them.
It wouldn't be me if I didn't do something different though (I'm the restless kind;-)
You know me from my cartoony characters and I still enjoy those but after painting in a more direct way recently I decided to take the plunge and try a bit more realistic work.
The reason for that is that I've been doing a few commissions recently and my clients indirectly requested more recognizable portraits.

So I picked up my brushes again and did a series of portraits of our cats, all on the smallest size (2,5x2,5inch-6x6cm). Animals never sit still long enough so I've used some of my own photos to guide me along. I love this impressionistic way of painting, I only draw a few loose guidelines in pencil and start painting right away. That way I let the paint do its work which makes the process more of an adventure. 

Here are the nine first feline portraits, from top left to bottom right: Iris, Timmy, Foppe, Merel, Foppe, Iris, Jelle, Puck and Trijntje.
Soon available in my shop!


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