Angel pet portraits

Sweet angel on her way to heaven. Acryllic painting 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm).

There are many artists out there who offer to paint a custom portrait of your cat, dog or any pet, but Foppe's Acre Originals offers something different and quite unique!

This is a painting of my old lady Muis who passed away in 2000. I made a vector version of it at the time and decided to repaint it as an example of what is possible. I'll gladly create an angel portrait of your deseased cat, dog or any pet on his/her journey to heaven for you to remember him/her by in my own sweet an whimsical style.

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Life is better with friends

What's in the cards for our critters today?
More of the same, 'cause every day is world Animal Day at Foppe's Acre!
But let's pay extra attention today and every day of the year to the critters who are less fortunate than our pets.

Happy World Animal Day to all of Foppe's friends all over the globe:-)
This card and many moor are available in Foppe's shop at Etsy.