Lino cut 'All ducks are equal' inspired by the George Orwell quote 'All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others'.


I've made a few proof prints of the Duck lino using two color blocks but found it hard to get the separate colors to register. So I've made a cardboard frame that keeps the lino block in place; drew the contours of the to be printed paper in pencil on the card board. I now only have to line up the paper with the contours on the cardboard so the different blocks will appear in exactly the same spot everytime;-)


Next step

Second phase in the making of the Ducks lino.
I've finished the first block (I think) and made a proof print after which I altered the water a little and made the black ducks stand out more (black in this print but will become a different c

olor in the final print). Started cutting the next block; second color of the water. It's going well but I find the linoleum too coarse which makes sharp edges difficult. We'll see how it turns out. 
Stay tuned!;-)


All my ducks in lino

Working today on a larger lino cut. I finally have enough courage to leave the miniatures and go bigger!
It will be a sweet pattern-like scene accompanied by a quote that you all know from George Orwell's Animal farm, but with a twist;-)

Here's a sneak preview of today's progress. Plan is to do a two or three color block print, still working on the lettering. More soon!


Second run of the Sugar Skulls

Two new Pysanky Sugar Skull goose eggs, just finished.
I'm getting there but I'm still not overly happy, I might leave the idea of four expressions and reduce it to two (happy and mad). The problem with four faces on one egg are the whisker
s, I can't get the position right connetcting one snout to the other. The eyes, nose and mouth are good though. Where the first two eggs were too detailed and the concept of a skull was lost, I think I've nailed that this time.
So on with the show, there's still plently of time and it's a lot of fun. Next post will be of the final Sugar skulls.

Día de los Muertos

Aaaah, today I've been busy preparing for Halloween (yes, this early;-) Since my shop is based in The Netherlands and shipping worldwide always takes one to two weeks I don't often create things for special occasions but this time I had a great idea.

I've made a couple of Pysanky goose eggs (Pysanky is a Northern European way of decorating eggs by using melted wax (batik) and drawing in layers, e
ach layer will be dyed seperately to create different colors). I've made goose egg sugar skulls in the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' tradition.
I'm not completely satisfied yet, need to get the hang of it again but already they look quite nice. Just need to tweak a few details and then I'll make a whole batch.

The idea behind this design is that the egg shows four facial expression when you turn the egg (it's meant to hang). It's supposed to be a cat-skull but that's not really clear in these two finished eggs. I might give it a paper crown with ears (not sure yet). As shown in the pencil drawing I'm working on tweaking the details (cheeks and whiskers, nose) to make it more cat-like (I may even change the pupils).
I think they're going to be fantastic, so no more delay and on with the day (of the dead;-)


Still hungry

A second cat food dish appeared in my shop the other day! Wohoo!
Felines come in all shapes and sizes so it was inevitable that I designed a new dish for our furry friends. Right now I'm working on a few variations which I will post soon, so stay tuned!

Let sleeping ducks lie?

I've been working on my lino prints again and added a new critter to the collection!
This time I chose one of our feathered kids, meet 'Spirit' one of the white Muscovy ducks at Foppe's Acre aka The Gelder Girls. Shhhh, be still, don't wake her up;-)

Meet Zoe Bear

Recently I painted a 4x4 inch miniature portrait in commission of Mim Eisenberg's sweet Pomeranian dog Zoe Bear. Zoe Bear is 16 years old and she's a sweet and very smart old lady. Zoe Bear knows the difference between at least 200 of her toys and can fetch them all on command, now that is clever!
I thought it was a fitting idea to portray Zoe Bear with a few of her toys, I painted her in a more realistic way than I normally do, I think it turned out wonderfully. Mim was very happy with her new miniature and added it to her ever growing collection of Zoe Bear artworks.

Thanks for the commission Mim!