More please!

With seven cats of my own I can assure you that they love their food (but that's a common fact I guess). Another fact is that they always ask for more when they're done.
Combining these two facts I came up with the idea for this cute dish of an orange cat with stuffed cheeks and still asking for more! The dish is big enough to hold a large portion of cat food but it's wise to feed your critters moderately of course. It is quite heavy so it will stay put once your kitty scoops up the last kibble.

The bowl is made from white porcelain with a transparent glossy finish.
Dimensions are: width (curve to curve): 6,3 inch (16 cm), length (top middle to point bottom) : 5,2 inch (13 cm), depth: 1,2 inch (3 cm).

Hand painted original illustration using porcelain paints, not transfered or screenprinted.
Each one is a unique piece of artwork, therefore every piece may be slightly different.
The bowl is fired at a high temperature and is dishwasher safe. Nevertheless: as this is a special product made with love and care, I'd advise you to wash it by hand with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use any abrasive materials on the surface.

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