More please!

With seven cats of my own I can assure you that they love their food (but that's a common fact I guess). Another fact is that they always ask for more when they're done.
Combining these two facts I came up with the idea for this cute dish of an orange cat with stuffed cheeks and still asking for more! The dish is big enough to hold a large portion of cat food but it's wise to feed your critters moderately of course. It is quite heavy so it will stay put once your kitty scoops up the last kibble.

The bowl is made from white porcelain with a transparent glossy finish.
Dimensions are: width (curve to curve): 6,3 inch (16 cm), length (top middle to point bottom) : 5,2 inch (13 cm), depth: 1,2 inch (3 cm).

Hand painted original illustration using porcelain paints, not transfered or screenprinted.
Each one is a unique piece of artwork, therefore every piece may be slightly different.
The bowl is fired at a high temperature and is dishwasher safe. Nevertheless: as this is a special product made with love and care, I'd advise you to wash it by hand with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use any abrasive materials on the surface.



You may remember my post (July 20, 2012) about Rusty's miniature portrait I painted in commission for Foppe's Acre Originals which resulted in a commission of 24 small flower cards for my illustration business studioMoor.

Well, the cards are printed and the client added them to his collection of flower cards in his online webshop (wholesale). Wohoo!
The cards will be available in most florist shops in the country. So if you live in The Netherlands and want to surprise someone with a nice bouquet, why not attach one of these cute cards?;-)

I'm posting a few cards here along with Rusty's portrait, you can view the whole collection on the site of my client; Natural Flower Cards.


het buitenleven van...

het buitenleven van... by mr moor
het buitenleven van..., a photo by mr moor on Flickr.
Foppe's Acre featured in "Levende Have' a Dutch magazine about country life this month, wohoo! Part of the interview is dedicated to Foppe's Acre Originals too! The magazine is only available via subscription but single copies can be purchased in their webshop. We're very proud and happy of course:-)


Happy Napping

I'm really enjoying myself making lino cuts! A new feline has entered the stage.
This rolled up ball of fur was inspired by our orange wonder boy Jelle. He joined the cat and the bird in my shop, go and take a look!;-)


Forever Friends

Lino cut 'Forever Friends' of a sleeping cat with a sleeping bird friend on his head in a Scandinavian Folk Art style.
This is a 2 colour lino cut using a separate block for each colour. With prints of this type there are variations in positioning and ink coverage. Personally I think that's part of the charm:-)


It's been ages since I did my last lino cut so I need to master the skill again but it's a lot of fun and hopefully this one will work out (without loosing my fingers;-)
I'll show the print once it's finished so stay tuned!