Heat wave and brain waves

It's been a wee bit silent on Foppe's Blog this week but that doesn't mean I've been outside enjoying the good weather we're having in Friesland (although I have to confess I did take a nap or two in the hammock with Foppe and Jelle;-)

There is news; currently I'm working on a new 4x4inch miniature commission of a sweet little Pomeranian dog which is a lot of fun (I'll show something once I've discussed the design with the client). I'm also working on a post about the magic of internet friendships and yesterday I took a trip to a wonderful craft store in Leeuwarden (the capitol of our province) to get some new supplies.
I bought a few sheets of linoleum and will be making prints in the coming weeks, I also got some pens and more paint to decorate porcelain (thinking about creating personalized food dishes for pets). So inspite of the heat my grey cells haven't been affected and I'm working on some new and exciting new items.

Oh, this coming month Foppe's Acre will be featured in an article in the 'Levende Have' magazine (a magazine about hobby farming and life with farm animals). We've talked about our move from the city to the country, the ins- and outs and history of our critters and my art.
Very exciting, once it is published I'll try to show some of the interview.

Stay tuned!

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