It's all in the details

Some animal portraits take more time than others. I've designed several critters that I finished in a couple of hours but trying to capture this kid took a lot of tweaking.
I wanted to make a portrait of Ant, my Flickr/Facebook friend Paul Sopocy's cute old companion, who even has his own Facebook page!
I selected a few photo's and went to work. Ant is a little dog, he's very cute and lovable, he's one of a kind but capturing his features was not as easy as it may look.
I've made a lot of variations of his snout, his ears, the shape of his head, but whatever I tried I kept seeing a raccoon, a fox, sometimes a cat!

After trying everything I think I've finally got it right, at least I'm happy with it:-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You nailed it, Peter. This is exactly the look he gets after a double expresso (or when I open a new bag of treats).

  2. Thanks Paul. He's a sweet old puppy and I feel I know him a little better after spending the day with him.