Dear Trijntje, I love you so much, I could eat you!

I just have to share this aneqdote I received from one of Foppe's Acre Originals admirors yesterday.

"By the way, I will be placing another Etsy order for my third Trijntje! The gifting of Francis (the duckling) brought about a "confession" of sorts from my friend. Her dalmatian, Winston, ATE poor Trijntje!! The funny thing is, I had noticed weeks ago that Trijntje wasn't in her usual place at my friend's and the question of whether or not Winston had eaten her popped into my head instantly! While that might seem a bit curious, if you knew this dog, you'd understand why that would be my first thought! I didn't ask my friend about it at the time though but the truth came out tonight :) That Winston... he is something else! Silly and goofy, lovable and a big troublemaker! "

This gave me a chuckle this morning. I'm always happy that my paintings are loved, but that they are good enough to eat never crossed my mind;-)

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