Not just the humans at Foppe's Acre are enjoying a beautiful summer's evening;-)


Dear Trijntje, I love you so much, I could eat you!

I just have to share this aneqdote I received from one of Foppe's Acre Originals admirors yesterday.

"By the way, I will be placing another Etsy order for my third Trijntje! The gifting of Francis (the duckling) brought about a "confession" of sorts from my friend. Her dalmatian, Winston, ATE poor Trijntje!! The funny thing is, I had noticed weeks ago that Trijntje wasn't in her usual place at my friend's and the question of whether or not Winston had eaten her popped into my head instantly! While that might seem a bit curious, if you knew this dog, you'd understand why that would be my first thought! I didn't ask my friend about it at the time though but the truth came out tonight :) That Winston... he is something else! Silly and goofy, lovable and a big troublemaker! "

This gave me a chuckle this morning. I'm always happy that my paintings are loved, but that they are good enough to eat never crossed my mind;-)


Little Francis

A few weeks ago one of Foppe's Acre Originals collectors Sandra commissioned a 4x4 inch miniature painting of a wee duckling that she and her friend once rescued.
Francis was a special little mallard duckling, a real fighter with a bright spirit that burned so brightly and flamed out far too soon. He was weak and shaky and Sandra's best friend worked very hard to save him but it was an uphill battle. Ultimately, it was a battle that could not be won.

Sandra very much liked a painting to remember him by and asked me if I could paint two copies, one for herself and one for her friend. She only had one low quality photo for me to work from.

It was a challenge to try to capture the cuteness and personality of this little kid but after a few sketch rounds both Sandra and I were happy with the result and I could start to paint him.

This past week Francis portrait arrived at Sandra's home in the United States and I am proud to post it today:-)


a summer's morning with foppe

a summer's morning with foppe by mr moor
a summer's morning with foppe, a photo by mr moor on Flickr.

New adventure about life at Foppe's Acre.

Three is company

Three is company, Foppe and two of his 'Buddha Cat' clones;-)

Just finished two copies of my most popular miniature painting, the orginal sits in the middle, left and right are today's finished copies. All they need is a layer of varnish for protection and brilliance and then they're off to their new forever homes.

Wedding presence

A few weeks ago Kirsten Langmuur ordered two miniature paintings of Chuck and Minnie, meant as a wedding present for good friends of hers.

The wedding took place last week and as you can see the newly weds (on the right) were very happy with them!

Thank you Kirsten for ordering Chuck and Minnie and for sending the photos, I'm happy that I could contribute to the festivities:-)


We're in business!

Oooh, I'm excited! Just got the promotion cards for Foppe's Acre Originals from the printer in China! It was a test as I had never worked with them before but I'm very happy with the result. Sharp as a tack (real offset, not digitally printed) and beautiful colors.

I'm sure I'll use this printer again, communication was perfect, uploading of the files easy and delivered within one week.



eggsertion by mr moor
eggsertion, a photo by mr moor on Flickr.

New adventure about life at Foppe's Acre.


It's all in the details

Some animal portraits take more time than others. I've designed several critters that I finished in a couple of hours but trying to capture this kid took a lot of tweaking.
I wanted to make a portrait of Ant, my Flickr/Facebook friend Paul Sopocy's cute old companion, who even has his own Facebook page!
I selected a few photo's and went to work. Ant is a little dog, he's very cute and lovable, he's one of a kind but capturing his features was not as easy as it may look.
I've made a lot of variations of his snout, his ears, the shape of his head, but whatever I tried I kept seeing a raccoon, a fox, sometimes a cat!


The cast

Foppe's Acre Originals is all abot our animals. There are the seven cats; Foppe, Merel, Puck, Trijntje, Iris, Jelle and Timmy; our sheep Patsy (and Eddy); our five geese; Rudie, Fay, Riet, Hans and Grietje and our ten ducks; Saartje, Sophie, Saffy, Sjoukje, Sieb, Solo, Suus, Snowy, Spirit and Suki (and Snuggles). And of course their friends and neighbors.
It is time that you meet de cast of my artwork.
From now on I will regularly post photos of our gang with a short story attached.